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CS 61B: Data Structures, Spring 2022


Aniruth Narayanan



Discussion Section: Wednesday, 9:00-10:00am

This is an exam prep discussion section.

Lab Section: Thursday, 9:00-11:00am

Office Hour: Monday, 10:00-11:00am


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The following discussions and labs were created by CS61B course staff and instructors. I largely used pre-made slides for each lab, though any work I drew on an iPad is attached if applicable. If you have any feedback, feel free to let me know.

If a discussion/lab is not linked on the course website, it will not be linked below. Additionally, lab slides and annotated discussions (everything hosted through Google Drive) require a Berkeley account to access.

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Note Week 10 was Spring Break and is thus missing below.

Discussion #Annotated DiscussionDiscussion SolutionsLab #Lab Slides

Discussion 1 (N/A)

Discussion 1 Annotated (N/A)

Discussion 1 Solutions (N/A)

Lab 1Lab 1 Slides
Discussion 2Discussion 2 AnnotatedDiscussion 2 SolutionsLab 2Lab 2 Slides
Discussion 3Discussion 3 AnnotatedDiscussion 3 SolutionsLab 3Lab 3 Slides
Discussion 4Discussion 4 AnnotatedDiscussion 4 Solutions

Lab 4 (N/A)

Lab 4 Slides (N/A)

Discussion 5Discussion 5 AnnotatedDiscussion 5 SolutionsLab 5Lab 5 Slides
Discussion 6Discussion 6 AnnotatedDiscussion 6 SolutionsLab 6Lab 6 Slides
Discussion 7Discussion 7 AnnotatedDiscussion 7 Solutions

Lab 7 (N/A)

Lab 7 Slides (N/A)

Discussion 8Discussion 8 AnnotatedDiscussion 8 SolutionsLab 8Lab 8 Slides
Discussion 9Discussion 9 AnnotatedDiscussion 9 SolutionsLab 9Lab 9 Slides
Discussion 11Discussion 11 AnnotatedDiscussion 11 Solutions

Lab 11 (N/A)

Lab 11 Slides (N/A)

Discussion 12Discussion 12 AnnotatedDiscussion 12 SolutionsLab 12Lab 12 Slides