Berkeley CS 61B Guest Lecture

I gave a guest lecture at the University of California, Berkeley's CS 61B: Data Structures about functionality, complexity, and industrial applications of course concepts including graphs, BFS, and interfaces. Slides can be found under the main page, Lecture 27.

ABC Action News Coverage

At the Great American Teach-In, I spoke to elementary school students about leadership and communication, just in time for their speech contests. A big thank you to ABC Action News' Sean Daly for covering this event.

King High School Valedictorian Speech

I graduated as the IB Valedictorian of King High School's Class of 2020. Here is my speech.

Public Speaking Workshop with NorthSouth

Working with North South Foundation, a nonprofit that conducts domestic contests to raise money for scholarships in India, I gave a free workshop to help students prepare for the regional speech contests.


At the 2019 Southwest Florida Toastmasters Recognition Ceremony, I delivered a motivating message about what the future entails for all.

NorthSouth Awards Ceremony Speech

At the North South Foundation's regional contests, I delivered a speech to the participants about how NorthSouth has benefitted me.

YLP: Organizing Your Speech

At a Youth Leadership Program, I delivered a session on organizing one's speech effectively.

Special Presentation District 48 DEC

At a District Executive Committee Meeting, I spoke about the power of Youth Leadership and why it is an essential priority for our District leaders.

As a Teaching Assistant for CS 61B, the Data Structures class at Berkeley, I have made a series of video walkthroughs for exam questions. They are in the playlist below (list of videos can be found by clicking the icon in the upper right).